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Santorini (Thera) is considered as one of the most spectacular islands in the world. Formed by a massive volcanic eruption that wiped out the Minoan civilization, the present-day crescent shape of the island is a consequence of the activity of the volcano in prehistoric times feeding the myth of the lost island of Atlantis. The unique history, breath-taking views and wild, rugged beauty attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year for vacationing, honeymoons and wedding ceremonies. In addition to having a rich geological history, Santorini is famous for its active nightlife; with a large number of nightclubs and bars, you can be sure your stay will be a fun-filled adventure! At an approximate total distance of 400 nautical miles, the two week Santorini Trip is a combination of overnight passages, dramatic scenery, picturesque coves and historical sites.
Our program starts on Saturday in Marmaris. You can check into our yachts after 16:00. After registration and the distribution of cabins, there will be an organized group shopping for provisions and beverages. Afterwards we will dine at a local restaurant and get to know each other. Sunday morning, after breakfast, we will start the customs procedure and then set sail for the island of Rhodes. Rhodes will be our first stop and also the entry port for Greece. Depending on weather conditions, we will stop in: Ciftlik, Rhodes, Nsyros, Astypalea, Anafi, Santorini, Tilos and Symi.

Two weeks of sail training, trip to Santorini - 1200 Euros. Bareboat Skipper License is an additional 200 Euros.
The entry and exit procedures for Turkey and Greece are an additional 100 Euros per person.

You can call Tansel +90(541) 4561366 or Ivan +90(507)4214469, You can email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or  make a self-reservation from our web  reservation 
We require a 25% deposit in order to confirm your reservation. You will receive an confirmation form after your payment.


Day 1 Marmaris
Our yachts are based in Beledediye Marina (located on the promenade). Arrive to the yacht and spend the night aboard in the Marina. You can also use the opportunity to do some shopping in the marina and stock up for your sailing trip. 
Day 2 Marmaris - Rhodes
Start the first day of your sailing adventure with a short trip towards the island of Rhodes. We will moor in Mandraki Harbor, right next to the city center. We will do entrance and customs procedures first, then you will be free to enjoy the town and its sights. For dinner, we will dine in a traditional Greek Taverna.
Day 3 Rodos Island – Tilos Island
Departure is early for this 2nd leg, as will be the norm for the rest of the trip. Tilos is a small island that has started to develop over the last few years as a perfect destination for campers and nature lovers because of the unspoiled beaches, friendly local populace and scenic walking trails.  
Day 4 Tilos Island – Astypalia Island
During this trip, we will depart from the safe waters of Dodecanese and reach the open waters of windy South Aegean Sea. We will experience stronger winds and bigger waves after leaving Tilos. Astypalea is the bridge that connects the Cyclades to the Dodecanese. Due to the abundance of fragrant flowers and fruit, the Ancient Greeks called this island the "Paradise of the Gods". We will moor in the main harbor in Chora.
Day 5 Astypalia Island– Anafi Island
Anafi is a small and rocky, largely triangular island. It is great destination for those who see an unspoiled and relaxing vacation. Boasting a variety of historic sites and churches, Anafi is a perfect place for sight-seeing. The port of Agios Nikolaos, the most active part of Anafi, is where we drop anchor.
Day 6 Anafi Island – Santorini Islands
After an early start, we will set sail for Santorini, considered as one of the most spectacular islands in the world and a popular tourist destination. We will spend two to three days exploring this geologically-rich, volcanic group of islands, visiting historic sites and witnessing breath-taking views during the day, while immersing ourselves in the bustling nightlife after sunset!
Day 8 Santorini – Astypalia
Depending on weather conditions, we might make a stopover at Anafi or continue on to Astypalea throughout the night. Arrival will be in the morning or evening of the 9th day.
Day 10 Astypalia - Nsyros Island
For this leg, we return to the relatively safe waters of the Dodecanese, and make our first stopover at Nysiros. This small island boasts an active volcano and plenty of historical ruins to visit.
Day 11 Nsyros Island - Symi Island
Our last Greek stop, Symi is the ideal destination for the romantic type, for those who are looking for something special, such as a tranquil atmosphere, postcard-like scenery and secluded coves. We obtain our exit papers here. We will say goodbye to Greek hospitality and dine in our favorite local taverna in the evening.
Day 12 Symi Islands - Marmaris
After very early start, we set sail back to Marmaris
TOTAL 400nm


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