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2 weeks sailing training to Santorini Island

Saturday 25 July 2020 - Friday 07 August 2020
2 weeks sailing :
: Marmaris - virtue :
: Ivan Bondarenko

Seven Greek Islands (400 Nautical Miles), 2 weeks Sailing training trip to Santorini. Marmaris, Symi,Nisyros, Astipalia,Anafi and Santorini Islands.
Santorini (Thera) is considered as one of the most spectacular islands in the world. Formed by a massive volcanic eruption that wiped out the Minoan civilization, the present-day crescent shape of the island is a consequence of the activity of the volcano in prehistoric times feeding the myth of the lost island of Atlantis. The unique history, breath-taking views and wild, rugged beauty attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year for vacationing, honeymoons and wedding ceremonies. In addition to having a rich geological history, Santorini is famous for its active nightlife; with a large number of nightclubs and bars, you can be sure your stay will be a fun-filled adventure! At an approximate total distance of 400 nautical miles, the two week Santorini Trip is a combination of overnight passages, dramatic scenery, picturesque coves and historical sites.


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